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For all the purchases including purchases under a federal government grant, SIBCR abides by Circular A-110 of the Office of Management and Budget of the United States. OMB A-110 requires that we provide a: 

• Basis for vendor selection;
• Justification for selected or sole source purchases; and
• Basis for the price of the purchase.

SIBCR maintains accounts with vendors who are competitive and generally offer the lowest price available. SIBCR vendors often match the prices given to the VA (GSA) or University of Washington. Questions and concerns with vendor selection or competitive pricing may be directed to the SIBCR accounting department.


SIBCR understands the need to maintain continuity of vendors during the course of research. Also, the volume of purchases under $5,000 makes it impractical to supply written price comparison documentation for each purchase.

Members and their designees are required to use sound business judgment and to rely on professional experience in making the buying decision. All reasonable effort should be made to use and verify available discounts, check comparable market prices and review past purchase orders for similar items.

PURCHASES $5,000 to $24,999

When a member or designee must use a single or sole source in the acquisition of a product or service with a cost of $5,000 or more, a Sole Source Vendor Justification form is required.

Single source means other sources are available but the PI chooses to use only one particular source.

Sole source means that no other source than the one recommended is available.

Please contact the SIBCR accounting department in advance of making these types of purchases.

See also the information under Purchases over $5,000.


PURCHASES $25,000 to $49,999

Purchase requests greater than $25,000 must be submitted to the SIBCR accounting department for approval. Members and their designees are strongly encouraged to obtain competitive bids for all purchases over $25,000.

All purchases over $25,000 must include documentation of the need for the purchase, the basis of the contractor selection and the price data.



SIBCR requires three bids on all purchases over $50,000. Exceptions may be made for professional services and brand or trade name products or proprietary services available only from a sole source, or for those designated to match others in use at a particular qualified institutional location.


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